Enhancing and Preserving Beauty.. Holistically!

Fusion Aesthetics’ mission is to preserve and enhance our clients’ natural beauty with a focus on a fresh, holistic approach to internal and external health. Located in the South West, WA, the specialised staff at Fusion Aesthetics capitalises on the wellness-focused lifestyle of it’s various clients, offering a range of refreshing anti-ageing treatments and nutritional therapies to enable them to enhance their natural vitality and radiant beauty.

About Fusion Aesthetics

A fresh face in the local business scene with over 15 years-experience behind her, Cosmetic Registered Nurse Gina Della Franca is the owner and operator of Fusion Aesthetics.

Her vision is to create a relaxing and revitalising sanctuary of tranquillity and comfort whilst striving to be the most informed and knowledgeable establishment for anti-aging treatments, wellness therapies and natural beauty enhancement.

Gina has made it her mission to keep up to date with the latest advances in techniques and technologies and to travel the globe to extensively train with the best providers of the treatments and therapies she wishes to provide for her clients. 

Personalised Advice and Treatments

At Fusion Aesthetics, we want to give you information (as well as incredible results!).

The groundwork is laid first, with an extensive assessment prior to your treatment, in which all questions can be answered and procedures explained in depth.

Full disclosure is given to every client regarding their unique treatment plan, tailored to your individual lifestyle and desired outcome. Your personal treatment schedule is then established and your journey to fresh, revitalised skin and a rejuvenated body has begun!

Ageing may be inevitable but it is not something to be feared. Allow Fusion Aesthetics to indulge you with luxurious therapies and revitalising treatments to reveal your true, inner beauty and assist the anti-ageing process with grace and finesse?

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